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Five Reasons Why You May Need a Family Law Solicitor

There are a lot of legal family issues that require the help of a lawyer to solve the matters between the couples. Some people are still living in the olden times; handling family issues in their own way without involving the law. This is a dangerous exercise as you may end up facing the wrath of the law when the matter reaches the court.

There is a need to have a family law solicitor who can stand up for you when you find yourself in some legal matters with your partner. The following are some things that a family law solicitor can help you with before, during and after the family legal affair.

Roles and responsibilities of family law solicitors

  • Proper legal documentation

There is a lot of paperwork involved in family law cases that require a clear and precise presentation. The documents must also be addressed in legal terms without any conflict of presentations. As such, a family lawyer can help you draft all the necessary documents required during the legal proceedings.

  • Advocacy

Sometimes, you may end up facing false accusations from your partner, who is determined to win the case in their favour. Such a partner can go to an extra length by trying to hide the truth of the matter. However, the family law solicitor is trained to analyse such circumstances and knows how to find the right information that can favour their client. In addition, a family law solicitor knows how to present appropriate facts and figures before the judge in an organised manner that can win the case in your favour. Remember that the manner of argument before the judge will determine the final verdict.

  • Understands all the court procedures

Once you are faced with a case, you will need to meet and adhere to all the court procedures right from the start to the end. It would take you quite some time to know how the court works and all the steps to take if you have no family law solicitor in place. Hiring a family solicitor can relieve you of the pain of having to go through all the court procedures by yourself.

  • Reliable

Considering the amount and level of knowledge possessed by family law solicitors, it is right to say that they are reliable regarding family legal matters. However, for a common person like you and me, gathering all the information required in the court of law may be next to impossible. So it is crucial to leave the work to the qualified personnel, the family law solicitor.

  • Peace of mind

As a client, you will gain peace of mind having left all the processes to the qualified mind. They will only be briefing you on critical issues that may need your help. This can help alleviate stress and carry out your daily tasks as usual. We all know how hard it is to work under stress and pressure.

Cases handled by family law solicitor

Stone Group are family lawyers in Brisbane. They can handle the following cases:

Child custody – where couples have separated and the fate of the child is determined.

Marriage/divorce – where couples are divorcing and there is a need to divide the wealth.

Domestic violence – where one partner is assaulting the other.

There are several other family cases that may be of interest to the court of law.


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